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99BUS@山頂 - 28 May 2023

99BUS@山頂 - 28 May 2023


【全新活動】 99BUS + 99HIKE @ 山頂 | 五月廿八日 |

活動日期:10月30日 (星期日)

上車時間:10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

抵達時間:12:00 AM - 12:30NN 山頂廣場

回程時間:4:30 PM 
上車點 :


費用: 早鳥優惠 $149 正價 $199  (以人計算,包 99BUS每人每座)

特設99BUS優惠票: 狗狗 /小童(六歲以下)/ 長者(六十歲以上) * 只限99BUS

上車時間會在活動前3日待整合路線一齊公佈, 我們稍後時間會更新正確上車時間. 

99BUS @ The Peak

Event date: 28/5/2023 ( Sunday)

Boarding time: 10:00 AM-11:00AM

Arrival time: 11:00AM-11:30AM

Return time : 4:30 PM

For more Details please refer to *more details will be released after registration

Fee: $149 Early bird $199 Original ( per head, return trip)

99bus Special fee : Dogs/ children under 6/ pensioners ( over 60) who will require an extra seat (*99bus only, not include the boat trip) 



*費用包括來回交通 Round Trip.

*活動報名費不包括膳食 Fees do not include drinks & foods.

*請按能力攜帶狗狗出席,自行作相應風險管理,需為自身及狗狗安危負責. All applicants should be mange the risk by themselves.

*交通安排及更多資訊將於報名後通知 More details will be provided after registration.

*最後上車時間以電郵為準 All time schedule should be refer to private email.

*巴士類型:單層冷氣巴士 Single deck air conditioned bus

*來回/ 佔座位計 Round trip / per seat

*$7 作網上交易費 $7HKD for the online payment fee.

*Terms & conditions apply only :


*如人數不足可能會改以99VAN 接送


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