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【活動更新】 99BUS X 99BOAT @ 白腊/ 西貢/獅子會| 八月廿九日
【New Event】99BUS X 99BOAT @ Pak Lap /Sai Kung /Lions Park | 29 AUG 2021


今次又係去全新地方- 白腊灣, 有「港版馬爾代夫」之稱的西貢白腊, 水清沙幼,海景優美,陣陣海風吹來予人感覺舒適,絕對是個可以讓人放鬆的好地方。沙灘旁邊的碼頭木橋位置不但可以俯瞰整個海灘,更係必到的打卡位。而想遠離煩囂,到郊外走走又不想太辛苦難行,搭99BOAT到白臘灣海灘是個不錯的選擇。提提大家,山路沿途緊記注意衛生,請將自己帶來的垃圾帶離郊外! 立即報名:

This time we are exploring a brand new place- Pak Lap Bay. There usually has less people, so if you are after a more private time we would recommend heading over there. 

Come and join us:


99BUS 會在1100-1130 抵達西貢市中心, 為了令大家有充裕的時間準備,船會在12:30PM 啟程,報名的需提早10分鍾到達指定地點登記,以方便上船 逾時不候。由於地點受當天風向影響,要視乎當天天氣而定。


99bus plans to arrive Sai Kung town centre between 11-11:30am. Boat will depart at 12:30pm sharp, so please arrive 10 min prior to get your name ticked off! We will not wait for any late comers. Our intended main destination is Ham Tin, but it may change pending on weather.


活動日期:8月29日 (星期日)

上車時間:9:45 AM - 11:00 AM

抵達時間:11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

回程時間:5:00 PM

車站詳情 : *交通安排及更多資訊將於報名後通知。

費用: 每人港幣$149 早鳥優惠 $99 (以人計算,包 99BUS 每人來回費用,不包括船票)

特設優惠票: 狗狗 /小童(六歲以下)/ 長者(六十歲以上) 佔每座位 $69


Event date: 29/8/2021 ( Sunday)

Boarding time: 9:45AM-11:00AM

Arrival time: 11AM-11:30AM

Return time : 5:00PM

For more Details please refer to *more details will be released after registration


Early bird $99 ( per head, return trip, not including boat ride)

Special fee: Dogs/ children under 6/ pensioners ( over 60) who will require an extra seat is $69 per seat


費用: $299 *早鳥優惠 $249 ( $50 額外每狗 Extra dog , 來回費用 Round trip 標準票分1人1狗/ 1人2狗)

去程上船時間:12:30 PM

回程上船時間: 4:00 PM 4:30PM 到西貢市中心


Event date: 29/8/2021 ( Sunday)

Boarding time: 12:30PM

Return time: 4PM-4:30PM

Fee:$299 *Early Bird $249 (per head + 1 dog, return trip), $50 for extra dog

Ticket package comes as either per head + 1 dog OR per head + 2 dogs



*活動報名費不包括膳食 Fees do not include drinks & foods.

*請按能力攜帶狗狗出席,自行作相應風險管理,需為自身及狗狗安危負責. All applicants should be mange the risk by themselves.

*交通安排及更多資訊將於報名後通知 More details will be provided after registration.

*最後上車時間以電郵為準 All time schedule should be refer to private email.

*巴士類型:單層冷氣巴士 Single deck air conditioned bus

*來回/ 佔座位計 Round trip / per seat

*$7 作網上交易費 $7HKD for the online payment fee.

*Terms & conditions apply only :


*如人數不足可能會改以99VAN 接送